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Experience the Nightlife in Chattanooga

Nightlife in Chattanooga


While Chattanooga is known for its beautiful scenery and outdoor attractions including Rock City, located right next to the RiverView Inn, there is plenty going on in the city as well. If you’re looking to experience some nightlife after a day of being in nature, Chattanooga has a nice variety of attractions. With Chattanooga being the home of the University of Tennessee at Chattanooga, the selection of bars to choose from is large. Along with this, you’ll find quite a bit of nice local breweries that offer a high quality selection of beers. 


Scenic Nightlife In Chattanooga


Pints and Pedals: If you feel like you haven’t seen enough of the city yet, Chattanooga’s nightlife offers a couple of different nightlife options that allow you to tour the city while you’re at it. Pints and Pedals is a great option when visiting Chattanooga with a larger group of people. With reservation options for smaller groups (2 to 6 people) or the whole bike (8 to 30 people), Pints and Pedals will take you on a 2 hour tour around the city with a couple of bar stops along the way so you get the full experience. 


ChattaBrew Tour: On the ChattaBrew Tour, you’ll not only be able to enjoy trying some of Chattanooga’s best craft beer, but you’ll see the city along with it. The ChattaBrew Tour takes you to four of Chattanooga’s craft breweries to try some of their signature beers and even seasonal selections. While you enjoy your craft beer, you’ll get to learn a little bit about the way the beer is made and really understand the process. Feel free to buy any cans or growlers of the beers you try to take home to friends and family when you return home. The four breweries featured on the tour rotate so feel free to take this tour more than once!




Nightlife in Chattanooga is often experienced inside of some it’s many craft breweries. Each one offers its own unique brews, you’re sure to find one or multiple new beers that you will enjoy. 


Naked River Brewing & BBQ: Known more for its beer such as Cosmic Turtle and the Mangolorian, Naked River has now implemented a more prominent, and impressive, kitchen to it’s list of attractions. You’ll find a long and unique list of craft beers with names that’ll almost make them even more appetizing. 


OddStory Brewing Company: Oddstory, located on E M L King Blvd right next to the University of Tennessee at Chattanooga, has quickly become one of the most popular breweries in town. Oddstory loves introducing unique and experimental beers frequently and seasonally. This is a great place to try a new beer and a great environment to sit and hang with friends for a while. Keep in mind that it is 21+. 


Hutton & Smith Brewing Co.: Hutton & Smith’s beer can be found in most every bar around town. With a wide range or IPA’s and even seltzers, you will definitely find a beer here that fits your taste. 


Some other breweries include Heaven & Ale Brewing Co., Wanderlinger Brewing Company, Five Wits Brewing Company, and Chattanooga Brewing Co.




Chattanooga’s bar scene is very diverse and carries most of the beers from the breweries listed above. You’ll find a nice selection of drinks, environments, and people at each of these establishments that show off what nightlife in Chattanooga is all about.


HiFi Clyde’s Chattanooga: HiFi Clyde’s offers live music and games along with a great selection of food and drinks. The space is very large and great for larger groups.


JMac’s: JMac’s is a wonderful environment with a great taste in wines and music. Once you go in you might not want to leave. The hospitality will make you feel at home and want to stay for a while so consider making this a long stay. 


Goodfellas Pizzeria: Opened during quarantine, Goodfellas has quickly become a favorite in people’s bar rotation in Chattanooga. Their upstairs has a pizzeria and other Italian foods that are delicious. The downstairs is where you’ll find most people enjoying either a beer from their large selection or a wonderfully mixed drink. 


Other notable bars include: The Bitter Alibi, Tremont Tavern, Basecamp, Brewhaus, The Social, The Honest Pint, Backstage Bar, Hair of the Dog Pub, Pickle Barrel, and Barley Chattanooga. 

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